Pakistanis can now make money on YouTube


YouTube content creators in Pakistan can now monetize their videos.

Ahead of YouTube’s planned launch event in Pakistan it has been announced that content creators in the country can now make money on the video-sharing website. YouTube doesn’t allow monetization in all markets making this is a significant development towards Pakistan’s market.

However, only original videos can be monetized. Any violations, such as blatant copying of videos, may get your Adsense account banned as YouTube runs an algorithm that detects for any copyrighted videos/music.

In order to monetise your account, follow the following steps:

1) Visit after logging in to your account.

2) Press the icon which says Enable “Monetization”.

3) Accept the terms and conditions and connect your adsense account with YouTube.

Note: this is only available for users with an Adsense account.

Youtube now allows monetisation in Pakistan PHOTO: ScreenGrab

Earlier this month, a Google team from Singapore held a session at the Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA) on Tuesday to discuss their monetization products, AdSense and AdMob. This was Google’s first ever tech-talk in Pakistan and attracted over 1,100 registrations. Speakers of the Google team gave details on how users, advertisers and publishers can earn money by placing ads on websites through AdSense.

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