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Jamaat-e-Islami to approach Supreme Court over waived loans, Panama leaks


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The JI chief called corruption a fatal disease which would continue to stand in the way of a corruption-free society unless treated. PHOTO: ONLINE

PESHAWAR: Jamaat-e-Islami will take the matter of waived off loans and the Panama leaks to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. A petition would be filed on August 22.

This was said by Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq. He was speaking at Markaz-e-Islami on Tuesday. Siraj said the prime minister and also those who waived off loans worth millions and maintained offshore companies should be held responsible. He demanded an investigation into the matter and said anyone found guilty must be taken to task.

Speaking at a news conference, Siraj said JI wanted across-the-board accountability of all politicians running offshore companies.

He added the government was not showing any kind of intent on the Panama leaks and the issue surrounding offshore companies. He said the party was left with no option but to approach the Supreme Court.

Siraj added the prime minister and his family members were named in the Panama leaks. He said this was why the federal government was resorting to delaying tactics to save their skin.

He added the court had advised proper legislation in light of the “toothless” Pakistan Commission of Inquiry Act, 1956.

“Politicians and all those who obtained loans worth billions waived off should be arrested and the looted money must be recovered from them,” he said.

JI chief said Rs200 trillion in looted money was deposited in Swiss bank accounts and could change the fate of every Pakistani if brought back to the country. He said the nation could rid itself of all local and foreign loans through this money.

Fatal flaw

The JI chief called corruption a fatal disease which would continue to stand in the way of a corruption-free society unless treated.

He demanded the Panama leaks case should be heard in an open court and not at an in-camera session like those of military courts. Siraj said this would expose the truth of corrupt leaders to the people who voted for them.

He added those who got their loans waived off would be held accountable and the JI would leave no stone unturned against them. The senator said since JI maintained a clean track record, it should lead the accountability charge and take it to a logical end.

Sense of deprivation

Siraj called for an end to VIP culture to ensure equality and brotherhood. He said such a move would eliminate the sense of deprivation among the downtrodden segments of society.

About the treatment of Afghan refugees, he said those harassing them were not well-wishers of Pakistan. He demanded that these individuals from across the border be given due respect.

The JI chief said his demands may seem like a daydream, but could be achieved if supported by the masses and rid the nation of corrupt and dishonest politicians. He urged the people to join JI in its movement
against corruption.

Published in The Express Tribune


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