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Instagram extends video length to 60 seconds



With the number of Instagram users on the rise across the globe, the popular photo sharing app is about to make video sharing a lot more interesting.

Instagram in a blog posted on its page announced that it would be bringing its users fun, creative and flexible ways to watch and share videos.

To announce the upcoming feature, Instagram shared a montage of videos posted on the platform, featuring a number of diverse popular young users.

With the time people spent on watching videos having increased by 40 per cent in the last six months, Instagram wants to increase the length of videos, enabling users to share and view more diverse videos.

Compared to the 30 second videos currently available on the platform, the minute-long videos will feel like an eternity and enable users to share more elaborate mini-documentaries.

Instagram further announced that this is just one new step of many to come this year as part of their continued commitment to the Instagram community.

By News Desk


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