Galaxy S8 restarting randomly and no one knows why

Samsung recently launched its new flagship the Galaxy S8 as it makes amends for the Note 7 debacle. However, it seems the ill-fated smartphone’s legacy is still haunting the South Korean manufacturer.

Some of the early Galaxy S8 and S8+ users reported an issue with the phone’s display that had a reddish tint to it. But it seems the screen isn’t the only problem for the new smartphone. Numerous users are now reporting their that their new handsets are randomly restarting by themselves.

While it is still unclear what is causing the issue, a considerable number of users are reporting the problem and have taken to Reddit and Samsung’s Community Page to complain about the issue.

The flagship device seems to restart at random and requires a pin code to activate it afterwards.

Some Galaxy S8 users are reporting the issue started after they synced their new smartphone to other devices, while others are blaming it on the microSD card. For now the problem seems mostly random however occurs when the phone is not in use.

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While Samsung addressed the red screen issue on the new smartphone by releasing a software update, the company hasn’t released an official statement for the rebooting problem.

Samsung, which holds the title for the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones, has much on the line with its new flagship. The company faced a massive loss after is recalled all Note 7 device that suffered from faulty batteries.

While sales for the S8 have been higher than any previous smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer, a major issue with the new flagship could easily land the company in hot water.

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