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Boxer Amir Khan pledges support to Syrian Refugees


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British boxer Amir Khan pledged on Monday to support the Syrian refugees in the hour of need.

The father of a single daughter, Lamaisah Khan, said that being responsible for his child has helped him better understand the situation.

His tweet stated that the Amir Khan Foundation will ‘do all’ to help the people in this crisis.

Regarding the crisis, as hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees languish in camps or risk their lives to reach Europe, questions are being asked about why wealthy Gulf states have accepted so few.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rejected a call by Israel’s opposition leader to provide refuge to Syrian refugees, saying the country is too small to take them in.

Amir’s Pakistan visit

Amir, recently, visited Pakistan and said that he is ready to train Pakistani boxers in England if they want to visit his Amir Khan academy there.

Amir, during his visit to Karachi, also went to Lyari to encourage and raise the spirits of the 70-odd aspiring boxers who will be training at the SSB camp.

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see the love I received from the people of Lyari,” Amir told The Express Tribune after his visit.

“I’m happy to see the passion of boxing and the sport’s legacy in Lyari. It will be an honour to give something back to these people. Meeting my fans everywhere only motivates me to train hard and win for them and make Pakistan proud.”

Published in The Express Tribune


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