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Ayun Village: The Golden and Magical Gateway to Worldly Heavens of Bumboret Kalash Valley



Ayun Village – The Golden, the Magical, The Gateway to Worldly Heavens of Bumboret (Kalash Valley).

Ayun Village Co-ordinates: 35.7171935,71.7560862

A mere twelve kilometers before arrival into Chitral city (if you’re coming from Lowari top side), there’s this Magical & enchanting door to the mystic valley of Kalash. This beautiful Village is located on a large alluvial portion of river Chitral near juncture with river Bumboret/Kalash. The way these rivers encircles this village, they carry lots of water supplies not just only for consumption, but irrigation as well as for power generation purpose. Scenic views can be seen in the month of June when the whole valley turns into sparkling gold color with ripen wheat fields and fragrance of flowers all over Chitral valley. This place is surrounded by majestic and tall mountains and lush fields which are a treat to the eyes of any tourist. Most of the villagers are from low income groups and indulge in crop-farming as their main source of income/occupation but are so hospitable that we just blown away by their welcoming behavior and weren’t able to reciprocate the love and hospitality for the love they show towards us.

PHOTO: Photography by Vagabond


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